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This site’s for travellers looking for new places to visit or parents who wonder how to travel independently. It’s a glimpse behind borders, a chance to get a quick feel for a place so you can decide if you’d like to take the kids, travel without them, or not go at all. It’s not a travel guide (because countries change quickly) but a quick glimpse at people, highlights and the sort of useful, practical information that will help you to see the world through fresh eyes.

Who We Are

We are a real travel family writing about authentic experiences using fictional names.

The Grown Ups

Neve has visited more than a hundred countries in a bid to escape domestication. Between holidays, she teaches full-time and looks for lost school shoes. She’s a British and Australian citizen who spent much of her twenties backpacking round Asia, the Americas and Europe. The rest of her life’s been dedicated to seeing everywhere she’s missed.

Charlie’s a Londoner who owns a hair salon in Scotland. He enjoys visiting new places but work commitments limit his adventures. He loves road trips, city breaks, sunshine and luxury. He’s laid-back about the kids nipping off to Mongolia without him but likes to know where his next meal’s coming from.

Judith is Neve’s mate. A podiatrist who likes to travel but doesn’t have a great sense of direction. She met Neve at nursery, aged four. Having gone on to survive a childhood plagued by younger sisters, she vowed never to have kids. She has kept that promise but ended up travelling with children anyway because Neve insisted on bringing them along, and she didn’t want to miss out on a great trip.

Ex-pat Grandma

Neve’s Auntie C is an ex-pat grandma of three, based in Dubai (and sometimes France). When her husband’s job took him to the Middle East, she sold the family home and moved out to be with him, cutting the umbilical cord with her three sons and their families. Their adventures, in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, inspired Neve to take baby Alicante on her first trip to Dubai. They have also turned Auntie C into a children’s author. The Shield, her first book in The Finder series, was released by Clink Street Publishers, in July 2017.

The Kids

Alicante (aged 10) and Sahara (aged 7) have travelled since they were four months old, clocking up more than fifty and thirty countries respectively. When they’re not making ladybird hotels at a Kyrgyz lake, they go to primary school and mine the house with toys.

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