An Amayzing Cave That Looks A Bit Liyke Goo


Sahara, aged 5, shares her thoughts on Lebanon’s Jeita Grotto, the teleferique to Our Lady of Lebanon and Baalbek’s Roman ruins.

There is some caves in Bayreuth. You can go in two caves and the second cave that you can go in you can go on a train or you can walk cos it is a very short walk to the other cave. In the cave you have to go in a boat cos it had lots of water and if you did not go on the boat then you wood get very wet and the corner cave it is very long and you have to walk in the cave and it looks amaysing in the cave. It hase a lot of bits that go down and the cave hase bits thate have a shaype of sumfing and it is white and sometims it looks a bit liyke goo which is white and some are long and some are short. The first cave that we went in had a jelyfish shape and a shell shaype and one looked like a snowman but without a hat on and the stalactites look a bit like big teeth coming from the ceiling that are white and some stalactites look like sand and cliffs.


When the stalactites are over you can go in a cable car and it went so high and you could go over lots of trees and you went over lots of cars and you are so high in the sky and you had a reely good vue. You can get a driver and you can tel the driver where you want to go and there is a driver colde Philip. He is very niys to you and your mum and dad. He likes childrin. It is some tiyms busy and there is a very niys hostel in beyurut.


You can go to a amysing plays which is from a long time ago and it was from the romin tiyms and you can go on a lot of fings and it is very fun.

3 thoughts on “An Amayzing Cave That Looks A Bit Liyke Goo

  1. Really enjoyed reading your views on Lebanon, it is a place I have always wanted to visit and after reading about the caves and especially the gooey looking ones and the snowman I am ready to book a flight. We eat a lot of Lebanese food In Dubai as we have a lot of residents from Lebanon living here. The people are very friendly and easily make friends and yes they like children. So glad you enjoyed your visit and will watch for your next travel blog with interest.

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      1. Dubai has lots of very big buildings reaching for the sky including the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa. Lots of beaches with golden sand to play on but when the weather is hot, like it is now, you have to wear lots of sunscreen, a hat and a T shirt and your flip flops on your feet as it is too hot to walk on. There is a creek running through the city, it was a small creek you could walk over a lot of years ago but now it’s like a big wide river as they have widened it. Boats sail up and down this all day long and Arab dhows, big boats, take goods in and out of the Arabian Gulf to other countries. It has grown very quickly from desert to a shiny new city but if you drive a little way out you quickly get back into the desert again with lots of camels around.


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